Happy Chick Game Emulator

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If installation fail on iPhone version,please adjust system date to one day before and re-install it.

※ Please use iPhone to scan QR code and grab online installation linkage.

Android version1.6.3 Renewal at 05 May

1 List of games to increase the large viewing mode
2 Add Facebook login
3 Modify the download selection page
4 Optimize community title bar faster display
5.Dc simulator to increase the virtual key editing capabilities
6 Fix known other bug

iOS version1.4.3 Renewal at 04 Apr

1.Fix: NDS simulator' the room darkening problems in some games.
2.Fix: GBA emulator in GCM mode black screen, iPad9.x can not open the Settings view bug.
3.MAME simulator added new version: support save state, online features.
4.FC simulator added video mode select Options and update the virture key UI.
5. Fix: MD simulator's multi-touch issue.
6. Fix: after the saving states, PS simulator can not open it next time you enter game.
7. Fix: blue screen when start Chick in the mode of landscape the device landscape . Do 6/6Plus screen adaptation.
8. Fix: QQ and WeChat's issue that can not be normal and unbundling issues QQ binding.
9. solve some simulator GCM mode rocker quick shak's bad experience.
10. A number of other bug fixes.

Happy Chick is the most comprehensive game emulator on the Android platform,supporting arcade(MAME\FBA)、GBA、GBC、MD、SFC(SNES)、FC(NES)、PSP、N64、NDS、PS1 and DC.Once install this emulator,you would play above mentioned different console game and tens of thousands of classic games.

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