Happy Chick Game Emulator

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If installation fail on iPhone version,please adjust system date to one day before and re-install it.

※ Please use iPhone to scan QR code and grab online installation linkage.

Android version1.6.5 Renewal at 06 Jun

1.Restoration of the built-in PSP, ARCADE, MAME emulator plug-ins, direct download game play;
2.Repair parts Android6.0 phones to start the game bug and PSP gold finger bug;

iOS version1.4.4 Renewal at 06 Jun

1.Add the filtering feature to make it easier to find game
2.Savestates can now be uploaded to Cloud. And screenshot is now supported;
3.Some emulator’s skin changed;
4.Fix the MAME emulator’s auto quiting issue
5.Fix joystick’s issue that up and down is reversed when handle is connected by GCM mode.
6.Fix GBA/MD emulators’s issue that PSP or NDS caused.
7.Fix handle’s issue that MD emulator caused when handle is connected by GCM mode. 
8.Other improves.

Happy Chick is the most comprehensive game emulator on the Android platform,supporting arcade(MAME\FBA)、GBA、GBC、MD、SFC(SNES)、FC(NES)、PSP、N64、NDS、PS1 and DC.Once install this emulator,you would play above mentioned different console game and tens of thousands of classic games.

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