Android Changelog

1.7.0(update on:2016-11-18)
1. Add personal home page features
2. Add new friends, message board function
3. Android games automatically install the new features
4. PSP upgrade 1.3.0 version
5. Known bug fixes
1.6.9(update on:2016-10-11)
1, remove the SFC and FC simulator network entry menu entry;
2, increase Andrews native game cloud adaptation thematic classification;
3, increase the home simulator game recommended column;
4, optimize the adjustment of the battle page layout;
5, increase share chicken simulator function;
6, the archive startup list to modify the archive name function;
7, other bug fixes;
1.6.8(update on:2016-09-07)
1. MAME, MAMEPlus, ARCADE emulator increases the arrow keys to switch
2. Post screenshots and save the picture to increase functionality
3. Increase KOF 2002 and the God Eater 2 online play games
4. Remove increase my share archiving
5. Thematic Comments Optimization Update
6. Increase  Change the username 
7. Other bug fixes
1.6.7(update on:2016-08-11)
1.Increased chat function in PSP battle mode
2.New section android games feature packs
3.PSP war room cheats judgment
4.Improve coins, point system
5.Known bug fixes
1.6.6(update on:2016-07-07)
1. Increase Battle exchange function
2. Increased management functionality Screenshots
3. Increase the original game update prompt
4. Overall performance optimization, use more smoothly
5. Psp emulator upgrade to the latest version
6. Known bug fixes
1.6.5(update on:2016-06-24)
1.Restoration of the built-in PSP, ARCADE, MAME emulator plug-ins, direct download game play;
2.Repair parts Android6.0 phones to start the game bug and PSP gold finger bug;
1.6.4(update on:2016-06-08)
1. Added the PSP, ARCADE, N64, DC, MAME, MAMEPlus, PS, ONS resource file afterloading function
2. Added ARCADE one key skill function
3. Added  Sina Weibo share
4. The phone number to log increase the number of countries Select
5. Fixed some English translation
6. Set the handle and the game menu settings to increase entry
7. Other known bug fixes
1.6.3(update on:2016-05-03)
1 List of games to increase the large viewing mode
2 Add Facebook login
3 Modify the download selection page
4 Optimize community title bar faster display
5.Dc simulator to increase the virtual key editing capabilities
6 Fix known other bug
1.6.2(update on:2016-03-23)
1 fix the English version can not download the game bug
2 repair part of the model PSP simulator screen fuzzy bug
3 increase the game interface to hide the shortcut menu options
4 other known bug fixes
1.6.1(update on:2016-03-17)
1 Add support GameSir BLE connection mode
2 Game interface to increase the shortcut button
3 Arcade game machine increase setting function
4 Archive management to increase the expired, renewal, reminding function
5 The game file does not exist when prompted to re Download
6 Other known bug fixes