iOS Changelog

1.5.2(update on:2017-01-23) community;
2.add ota feature; can download the game unpackaged;
4.FC emulator’issues fixed;
5.other bugs fixed;
1.5.1(update on:2016-11-25)
1.Add WSC emulator;
2.change depad button icon;
3.bug fixed.
1.5.0(update on:2016-10-14)
1.SFC/GBA emulator button changed;
2.bug fixed;
1.4.9(update on:2016-09-30)
1.update ppsspp to 1.3.0, JIT supported on ios9.x or later.
2.FC/SFC emulator supported screen resize;
3.savestates sharing is supported;
4.add search history
5.fix the issue that select is not work in PS/N64 simulator
6.MFi controller experience optimization
7.other bugs fix.
1.4.8(update on:2016-09-09) you can define your button with your handle yourself can connect your handle that support GCM mode in app now
3.Portrait or landscape ,you can set it by default.
4.bugs fixed;
1.4.6(update on:2016-08-16)
1.FBA netPlay feature is supported now can start game with savestate now
3.fix unzip issue of PSP game
4.improve of UI
5.bugs fixed;
1.4.5(update on:2016-07-04)
1.Fix the bug that autoSaveState is overwritten and the issue that controlview cann’t be set.
1.4.4(update on:2016-06-30)
1.Add the filtering feature to make it easier to find game
2.Savestates can now be uploaded to Cloud. And screenshot is now supported;
3.Some emulator’s skin changed;
4.Fix the MAME emulator’s auto quiting issue
5.Fix joystick’s issue that up and down is reversed when handle is connected by GCM mode.
6.Fix GBA/MD emulators’s issue that PSP or NDS caused.
7.Fix handle’s issue that MD emulator caused when handle is connected by GCM mode. 
8.Other improves.
1.4.3(update on:2016-04-26)
1.Fix: NDS simulator' the room darkening problems in some games.
2.Fix: GBA emulator in GCM mode black screen, iPad9.x can not open the Settings view bug.
3.MAME simulator added new version: support save state, online features.
4.FC simulator added video mode select Options and update the virture key UI.
5. Fix: MD simulator's multi-touch issue.
6. Fix: after the saving states, PS simulator can not open it next time you enter game.
7. Fix: blue screen when start Chick in the mode of landscape the device landscape . Do 6/6Plus screen adaptation.
8. Fix: QQ and WeChat's issue that can not be normal and unbundling issues QQ binding.
9. solve some simulator GCM mode rocker quick shak's bad experience.
10. A number of other bug fixes.
1.4.2(update on:2016-02-02) can play N64 Games without jailbroken on ios9 and above.
2.add crash fix prompt and entrance.